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Helpful tips and how-to’s to help you get the most out of Touchstone Pathway

Introduction to Touchstone Pathway for Financial Advisors


Financial Advisors want to know their clients deeply and personally, but time and money are scarce resources. A simple, yet elegant solution. Keep up, stay on track, and help your clients stay the course as life ebbs and flows. That’s Touchstone Pathway.

1. Easily Prepare for and Conduct a New Prospect Meeting with Touchstone Pathway


Rather than spending the first prospect meeting like a first date, get to know them in advance by sending them a few surveys. Spend the first meeting talking about their goals, aspirations and dreams. Better client input, better client outcomes. That’s Touchstone Pathway.

2. Know Your Clients Better, Faster and Cheaper with Touchstone Pathway


Now there is a way to know your clients at a deep and personal level effortlessly, Goals, values, dreams and ambitions, all at the touch of a finger. Spend more time consulting and less time data mining old notes. That’s Touchstone Pathway.

3. Easily Prepare For and Conduct an Existing Client Meeting with Touchstone Pathway


Imagine your client’s entire financial map at a glance. Be up to speed in minutes. Review what they have said they want to achieve and quickly add a new goal in the meeting and see how that new goal fits into the Big Picture. That’s Touchstone Pathway.

Engage Your Clients at a Deeper Level

No credit card required. 30 day trial.

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