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Subscription Options

No contracts ever. Give us a try.

Be your clients’ enduring guide as life unfolds.

Solo Plan
  • $315/year (25% discount)
  • One advisor log in
  • Two administrator log ins
  • Unlimited clients
Team Plan
month / advisor
  • $225/year per advisor (25% discount)
  • From 2 to 5 advisors
  • Multiple administrators
  • Unlimited clients
Institutional Plan
for Details
  • Plans begin at $1,000/year
  • 6+ advisors
  • Multiple administrators
  • Premium tech support

What do I get when I sign up for Touchstone Pathway?

We provide you with:

  • Pre-developed surveys that uncover client Values, Priorities, Issues, Opportunities, Goals, Touchstones (beliefs and motivations), and Pathways (strategies and action plans) in several financial life planning areas.
  • Customizable surveys – make client interactions uniquely your own.
  • Have an organized view of client details pulled from your CRM side-by-side, with qualitative survey answers and information.
  • (Coming soon!) Timely information for each financial planning Touchstone that can be sent to clients.
  • (Coming soon!) Customizable Nudges and Best Practices to help clients along their Pathway to achieve their goals and objectives.

Touchstone Pathway enables you to:

  • Know your clients on a deeper level. What is important to them and why?
  • Modify and save custom versions of survey templates.
  • Share customized surveys with the Touchstone Pathway community and discover surveys created by others.
  • Create new survey templates to capture any information from clients that you want to know.
  • Capture transitions by manually or automatically sending update surveys to clients on a predetermined date, such as a Touchstone anniversary or prior to your next meeting.
  • Quickly refresh knowledge of clients’ Touchstones and Pathways, values, beliefs, details, preferences, and important notes.


Engage Your Clients at a Deeper Level

No credit card required. 30 day trial.

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