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Better Client Input ~ Better Client Outcomes

Connect with your financial advisory clients at a deep and personal level, effortlessly, saving time and money

Touchstone Pathway

A customizable, Web-based client discovery and decision support platform for financial advisors.

Better Client Outcomes

Engage your clients in a deeper way

Build a repeatable and scalable practice

Better Client Service

Deepen Client relationships by effortlessly uncovering the What, Why and How of a client’s goals and aspirations.

Faster Meeting Prep

Save time and money by recalling a customer’s dreams, goals, and plans with the click of a button.

Happier Life Balance

Scale your financial planning practice without adding administrative overhead. Spend more time on what matters most.

Bob's bio

Bob Bolen

33+ years of experience in Financial Technology and Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

As a long-time wealth manager and financial planner, Robert V (Bob) Bolen can testify knowing clients at a deep and personal level is difficult and time consuming. As well, trying to keep clients on course as life ebbs and flows was the bane of his existence. He wanted a solution that addressed both elements and is why he built Touchstone Pathway.

Bob is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner ®, a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Financial Transitionist® and a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®.

Touchstone Pathway is headquartered in Franklin, TN


Bob Veres

Bob Veres

Creator of Inside Information

“Touchstone Pathway is more than two-dozen detailed discovery interviews in a box. The surveys seem to help clients self-assess where they are and where they want to be in a much more precise way than the anecdotal discovery process possibly could.”

Michael Babcock

Michael Babcock

Financial Planner, Legacy Consulting Group

“I am a happy Touchstone Pathway user! I love how it has simplified and improved our initial client intake process. It’s way more customizable and easier to use than the other online survey tools I’ve tried.”

Gordon Stockman

Gordon Stockman

Financial Planner, Principal of Efficient Wealth Management

“The Touchstone Pathway system allows us to get to understand and know our clients at a much deeper level, even without in person meetings.  Knowing our clients Goals and Beliefs AND THE REASON OR BACKGROUND for both has allowed us to progress to Life Planning first before Financial Planning begins.”

What’s in Touchstone Pathway?

Easily Customizable Surveys Based On Behavioral Psychology

Easily Customizable Surveys Based on Behavioral Psychology

  • Use as is, edit ours, or build your own from scratch.
  • Discovery – High level surveys to assess attitudes and issues of importance.
  • Category Games – Assess Values and Priorities in a fun and interactive way.
  • Topic – Dive deeper into specific financial planning topics to learn more about a client’s goals, motivations and strategies for achievement.
Triggers And Notifications Based On Specific Survey Answers

Triggers and Notifications Based on Specific Survey Answers

  • Dive deeper and keep it relevant by triggering a Topic survey
  • Trigger a customizable text ‘Insight”. Tell the client more or add a link to your own content.
  • Trigger a Notification on a need to act and/or be notified of a client’s milestones or looming IRS or regulatory deadlines.
Prepare For Meeting In Minutes With A Client Dashboard Display

Prepare for Meeting in Minutes with a Client Dashboard Display

  • View a clients’ life vision, summarized goals, motivations and strategies, and more.
  • Use as a guide map in a meeting with the client. Update as needed on the fly.
  • Clients can reference this to stay on course as their lives ebb and flow.

What’s in it for me?

Know your clients effortlessly on a deep and personal level. Our survey templates uncover client Values, Priorities, Issues, Opportunities, Goals, Motivations and Strategies for goal attainment, transitions, and more. Use the surveys as is, edit them, or start your own from scratch.

Prepare for client meetings in minutes, not hours. Build a repeatable and scalable practice without adding overhead.

By understanding your client’s goals, motivations and strategies and being able to readily show them their prior decisions, clients are much more likely to stay on course as their lives ebb and flow. Add differentiating value to your practice.

Better Client Input ~ Better Client Outcomes

Pricing Table

  • $315/year              (25% discount)
  • One advisor log in
  • Two administrator        log ins
  • Unlimited clients
for details
  • Plans begin a $1,000/year
  • 6+ advisors
  • Multiple                        administrators
  • Premium tech              support

Better Client Outcomes

Try it for free for 30 days.
No Contracts Ever

If you are not satisfied, just cancel at any time. But let us know how we can improve and we’ll work hard to make this service the best digital client discovery and decision support platform ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Input client data or import data from your CRM.
  2. Select and send pre-made surveys to clients or customize surveys to make them uniquely your own.
  3. After the client completes the survey, advisors can edit and/or fill in any remaining blanks or text as desired.
  4. Reference the client Dashboard to view completed Goals, Touchstones, and Pathways and prepare for client meetings. Watch surveys populate as your clients complete them!

The purpose of Touchstone Pathway is threefold.

  1. To provide easy access to important client information, especially during a client meeting, to save you time and money.
  2. To elegantly translate client values, goals, motivations, and strategies into firm guidelines in order to facilitate a more informed financial decision-making process.
  3. To compare client goals and actual actions to achieve these goals against financial planning best practices and prevailing rules and regulations, in order to guide advisors and their clients along their optimal pathway.

There are three survey types: Discovery, Category Card Game, and Topic.

  • Discovery Surveys are high-level surveys that are meant to quickly understand what a client’s primary topics of interest are. Depending on how a client answers a question, a more detailed Topic survey may be triggered. Advisors can easily customize which Topic surveys are triggered when.
  • Category Card Games are set up like an online solitaire game. Drag and drop ‘cards’ into ‘buckets’ to quickly determine a client’s value, priorities, focus, etc. Advisors can customize the cards and buckets to make them uniquely their own.
  • Topic Surveys are more detailed topical surveys that delve into a client’s interest areas. Topic survey questions can be categorized into:
      • Goals (your clients’ desired outcomes)
      • Touchstones (your clients’ motivations and beliefs)
      • Pathways (your clients’ strategies and action plans
    • Completed surveys are displayed using these three categories.
    • As with other survey types, advisors can easily customize survey questions and their associated categories.

Touchstones are the beliefs & motivations behind client goals. It is their why.

Example: Why does Clarence want to save $10,000 for each of his children’s weddings? Because he wants the day his children declare commitment to their partners to be memorable and stress-free.

We recommend the following:

  1. Gain an understanding of client values, goals, aspirations. This can be accomplished by assigning Touchstone Pathway surveys to clients.
  2. Using your clients’ values, goals, and aspirations as a guide, select desired surveys from the ever-growing list of Touchstone templates or create your own.
  3. Test-drive completed Touchstones with clients to confirm they resonate.
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