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Better Client Service

Better Client Service

Deepen Client relationships by effortlessly uncovering the What, Why and How of a client’s goals and aspirations.

Faster Meeting Prep

Faster Meeting Prep

Save time and money by recalling a customer’s dreams, goals, and plans with the click of a button.

Happier Life Balance

Happier Life Balance

Scale your financial planning practice without adding administrative overhead. Spend more time on what matters most.

The Current Model Is Broken

We get it. Robust Client Discovery can be difficult and time consuming. Providing critical insights and developing recommendations is manually intensive and dependent on the advisor’s skill set. Implementing and maintaining adherence to recommended strategies is the bane of our existence.

Touchstone Pathway automates, or is in the process of automating, these major time sucker tasks. We estimate we can add 8-12 percentage points to a typical advisors bottom line by automating and systematizing the highly detailed data gathering and decision support process.

With Touchstone Pathway, you will spend less time on defense, talking clients off the ledge, and more time serving their best interests and growing your practice.

“Touchstone Pathway is more than a dozen detailed discovery interviews in a box — easily the most detailed and complete exploratory instrument I’ve seen in the profession.”

Bob Veres

Creator of Inside Information – The most important information resources in the Financial Planning space

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“Using the Touchstone Pathway system, I scaled my practice without adding overhead. I can quickly find detailed client information, provide relevant Insights, and keep clients on track towards achieving their goals and aspirations.”
Bob bolen touchstone pathway client data gathering system founder

Robert V. (Bob) Bolen, CFA, CFP®, CeFT®
Founder and CEO

What does Touchstone Pathway offer?

Detailed quantitative data form fills

Data gathering includes Personal Information, Income, Accounts, Assets, Liabilities, Estate Planning, Insurance and Taxes. Send client a link so they can fill out data at their leisure. Dashboard Display makes information recall a breeze.

Customizable Surveys

Use our numerous customizable survey templates as is, edit to make them your own, or build your own from scratch. Uncover client issues, attitudes, values, priorities, goals, beliefs and strategies quickly and easily. Clients will stay on track towards goal attainment even while life is in flux.

Decision Support Insights

Customizable scoring, alerts and triggers based on client information, goals, aspirations and issues offer insights that enable advisors to be proactive during times of changing circumstances.

Client & Advisor Dashboards

Prepare for meetings in minutes, saving time and money. Work smarter, not harder. Quickly refresh your knowledge of client goals (what), motivations (why), and strategies (how). Our easy to use interface will ensure that everyone stays on the same page, improving client goal attainment.

CRM Integration

Touchstone Pathway is a customizable, client data gathering and decision platform that integrates with major CRM software tools.

Community Knowledge Base

Learn from the wisdom of the crowd. See what other advisors are doing or share your best ideas with others.

Ready to get started and see for yourself?

Want to learn more?

We’ve compiled some helpful tips and how-to’s to help you get the most out of Touchstone Pathway.

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