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Feeling Disconnected From Your Clients? Engage Deeply yet Remotely!

Based on years of behavioral research this complete Discovery and Display system will help grow client relationships by uncovering hidden beliefs that are shaping their decisions.

Better Client Service

Deepen Client relationships by effortlessly uncovering the What, Why and How of a client’s goals and aspirations.

Faster Meeting Prep

Save time and money by recalling a customer’s dreams, goals, and plans with the click of a button.

Happier Life Balance

Scale your financial planning practice without adding administrative overhead. Spend more time on what matters most.

bob veres of inside information believes that touchstone pathway can help financial advisors

“Touchstone Pathway is more than a dozen detailed discovery interviews in a box — easily the most detailed and complete exploratory instrument I’ve seen in the profession.”

Bob Veres — Creator of Inside Information

Not just financial planning software…a complete system.

The human brain is wired for instant gratification. However, we all know that this instinct isn’t typically productive to long-term financial success. With Touchstone Pathway, you’ll spend less time on defense, talking customers off the ledge, and more time on offense, serving clients and growing your business.

The Current Model Is Broken

We get it. It is harder than ever to develop deep relationships with your clients. You’d like to spend hours with each client shaping their financial plan, but there simply isn’t enough time. We know what it is like to have a customer call you, wanting to totally change their financial plan or portfolio based on an article they just read. Or dig through files to recollect past meetings in order to prep for the next one.

Perhaps you feel like the industry has changed to the point that people don’t value true relationships anymore. You became an advisor to help people reach their dreams but now your job feels more like a juggling act than a trusted advisor.

Advising Like It Was Meant To Be

We felt it too. We refused to become salespeople of the latest product. But how could we truly provide consultative advice to every client? It was those same feelings that led us to form Touchstone Pathway. And today, top advisors just like you are experiencing a fresh passion for advising, using Touchstone and the belief based advising model.

Bob bolen touchstone pathway client data gathering system founder

“No one can argue that beliefs drive behavior. Using the Touchstone Pathway system, I have been able to truly provide advice based on their underlying beliefs. The best part is that I have rarely had a conversation with a client who wants to change courses. I feel like a friend of the family more than an advisor.”

Robert V. (Bob) Bolen, CFA, CFP®, CeFT™ — Founder

Ready to get in on the action?



Our surveys tap into underlying beliefs already held by your clients. These beliefs drive their decisions, and understanding them helps you anticipate and plan Pathways that make sense for them even in times of instability. Keep goal attainment consistent even while life is in flux.

Meeting Prep Wizard

Quickly refresh your knowledge of client details and motivations. Prepare for meetings in just a few minutes, saving time and money. Work smarter…not harder.

Client & Advisor Dashboards

The easy to use interface will ensure that everyone enjoys using the system and stays on the same page.

CRM Integration

Touchstone Pathway is a customizable, financial planning-oriented client data gathering survey and information management service that integrates with your CRM software.

Community Knowledge Base

Learn from other advisors, share belief map templates and get insight on the emerging world of belief based financial planning.

Alerts (coming soon)

A variety of comprehensive alerts and best practice tips enables advisors to be proactive during times of changing circumstances.

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Select the plan that fits you or your team and experience the tool that is reshaping the advising industry.

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Access our groundbreaking “belief based planning” system to help you save time, serve clients better and make more money.

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Connect with other advisors who are using belief based advising to guide their clients.

Solo Plan
  • $180/year (25% discount)
  • One advisor log in
  • Two administrator log ins
  • Unlimited clients
Team Plan
month / advisor
  • $135/year per advisor (25% discount)
  • From 2 to 5 advisors
  • Multiple administrators
  • Unlimited clients
Institutional Plan
for Details
  • Plans begin at $750/year
  • 6+ advisors
  • Multiple administrators
  • Premium tech support
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